Community / Development / Excellence

Bringing educators together to strengthen and sustain classical education.
Investing in educators equips them to excel at their craft.
Flourishing students are the result of well-cultivated educators.

Through ongoing development and training, I am providing classical educators with the understanding, skills and practical resources they need to achieve excellence.

Almost 15 years ago, I started on the path of classical education as a homeschooling parent. With limited understanding of the tradition and a book or two in my hands, I ventured to explore, understand and implement classical education. I’ve lived in three countries and journeyed with a variety of individuals and groups in exploring, understanding and implementing classical education, primarily in, but not limited to, the Catholic tradition. Now a decade later, I work to cultivate and support those pursuing this classical tradition, whether homeschooled, hybrid, or other programs. 

I’m a classical educator with a passion for knowledge and the gift to inspire, and I’m excited to invest in you, the educator.